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Advantages to Buying an Established Practice

by Buck Reasor

There are many advantages to buying an established practice:

•  Immediate Cash Flow
•  100% Financing
•  Established Patient Base
•  Experienced Staff
•  Existing Dental Office
•  Established Location

There is immediate cash flow that is generated by an ongoing profitable practice:

Many new dentists have high student loans to pay off, immediate cash flow can satisfy their monetary concerns. Most associate positions, however, will not generate enough income to cover student loans and provide an adequate lifestyle.

You should have the ability to finance 100% to purchase your practice:

The strength of the dental market has given many lenders the confidence to loan 100% of the value of the sale of the practice. Many doctors can buy a dental practice with nothing down and get additional working capital as well. Reasor Professional Dental Services can help you: locate the lenders, supply you with the practice financial proformas that the lender requires, and guide you through the whole process.

You gain an established patient base:

Establishing patients takes years of frustrating work. It takes advertising, referrals and networking to build a solid core of patients. Handled correctly, a practice purchase and transition gives you an immediate patient base that may have potential for expansion. We can help you expand the practice throughout the sale of the practice and into the transition period.

You gain an established staff:

A knowledgeable, well trained staff is vital to the health of a practice and invaluable in the transition process. The seller's staff is familiar with the patients and the current systems in the office. Keeping these employees is a critical component in retaining existing patients.

You gain an existing office space:

When you purchase a dental practice, the lease is usually assignable and the purchasing dentist can assume the existing lease. Because the average dental office costs approximately $100 per square foot to build out for tenant improvements, the buying dentist can save between $100,000 and $250,000 in build-out costs that the selling dentist has already paid for.

Established location and phone number:

If the practice is well located and is easily accessible, patients will not want to change. They are used to coming to the same location for their dental care needs.

In rapid growth markets, where large populations of people are moving into an area and there are not enough dentists, it may be smart to open your own office and start from scratch. In the Pacific Northwest, however, buying an established practice is the smart alternative as the patient base is already established and an immediate cash flow is available.

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